Coaching and Mentoring

My coaching style is  generous, empathic, intuitive, courageous and non judgmental.I am all about you reaching your goals as quickly as possible. I offer a free 50 minute  session in  order to see if I am the coach for you .

I became pretty adept at using elements of coaching in my theatre work  and from nearly the beginning of my work I recieved feedback regarding it’s usefulness for the public.

In 2008 when I decided to be more proactive regarding coaching and mentoring I enrolled in New York University’s Coaching program and completed it in 3 years excelling in all my classes.

Coaching is NOT therapy. Coaching is having someone’s unequivocal support while holding you accountable for reaching your goals.  Coaching is based NOT on advice giving but on asking powerful questions that help YOU to uncover your OWN answers.

Mentoring employs many of the same elements of coaching regarding powerful questions, accountability and support but the relationship is directive and we operate as a team in getting your goals.I am very much hands on in mentoring.

I do a certain amount of actual theatrical  and performance coaching. My special areas of coaching actors and performers center on personal authenticity and support in locating and strengthening ones own voice and midwifing what makes you UNIQUE as a performing artist.

Coaching For Performance includes text work and editing, sound and video, production values,promotion, publicity and touring support.

I take coaching and mentoring very seriously and I want to work with people who are serious about attaining their goals at any stage of their practice and career.

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