At Times, Shy, New York Post

New York Post, Page Six, July 30, 1992 At Times, Shy by Frank DiGiacomo and Joanna Molloy We found Tuesday's daily requirement of irony in the Times. Performance-art lovers who wanted to compare The Post's review of Performance Space 122's Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore! with the Times' assessment had to look carefully. The Gray Lady ran Stephen Holden's review of the anti-censorship piece using only the show's subtitle: "The Penny Arcade Sex and Censorship Show." When we called the paper about its censorship, a spokeswoman explained: "The reporter rightfully considered the original title inappropriate The New York Times. However, we regret, through an oversight, that we didn't mention we were referring to the shows by its subtitle." We'd had it figured for a transmission error.

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