Sex, Subversion and New York Values, The New York Observer

The New York Observer, April 27, 1998 "I named myself Penny Arcade when I was coming down of LSD when I was 16," said Penny Arcade (Susana Ventura), who became Andy Warhol's first superstar (Women In Revolt) and who's got a new one-woman show, (as if Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore! wasn't enough!) titled Sex, Subversion and New York Values - a kind of antidote to our Mayor's view. "One can't say Giuliani is a poseur," she said. That's true. One can't. "The man is an out-an-out fascist, and he's delivering the dead spirit of New York to the rest of the country. I think it's 1998 and 1994 just kicked in!" What would she like to have happen to him? "I think he should go to Idaho, to a white supremacist stat, and become the leader of a right-wing militia!" Right on, lady! You tell him.

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