Soul Mates, Telegraph Magazine

Telegraph Magazine , 1993 Soul Mates
Quentin Crisp and Penny Arcade
Quentin Crisp with performance artist Penny Arcade Photo by Jillian Edelstein
The flamboyant writer, raconteur and actor, who made his name in 1975 with The Naked Civil Sservant, is currently starring as Queen Elizabeth I in the film Orlando. Crisp lives in New York, where he chose to be photographed with Penny Arcade because 'most people would be embarrassed if publicly claimed by me to be a soul mate, but Miss Arcade is impervious to embarrassment.' They met three years ago, after one of Miss Arcade's shows at the off-Broadway theatre La Mama. Crisp has since made it his business to watch all her performances and subsequently explain them in the weekly diary he writes in New York Native magazine. Friendship became a working partnership last year with their act, Afternoon Tea with Quentin Crisp, in which Miss Arcade interviewed Crisp, who is now 84. 'I didn't have to think what to say, I merely answered her questions. She kept hoping I would erupt into some outrageous outburst, but of course I didn't.'

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