Queerer Than The Queer

One of the most frightening aspects of organized hatred is how the Christian Right has taken  it’s fight against Homosexuality and exported it to third world countries where the issues are not  same sex  marriage or adoption but the right to life: Theirs. Yes, the right to life for homosexuals. In Africa, The Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean coming out amounts to a death sentence. In many  countries I have traveled in, I have seen see up close the choice between  violence or silence regarding homosexuality. How the Christian Right can balance Christ’s message of Love with hate mongering that incites people to murder is beyond me but that Death Ministries are occuring  NOW with American dollars is irrefutable.

Read this excellent article from Mother Jones.


I post this 2009 article because it is gives alot background


As American Gays and Queers relax into their sense of entitlement thinking that the war is over , few are aware of the evil underfoot. The Christian Right built it’s ProLife Mandate over a 40 year period,  beginning with Roe Vs Wade in 1973.  The fruits of their work are becoming the rule across America and becoming a greater, more terrifying reality for American women, particularly for the ultra poor.

When we talk about Russia and the Olympics we don’t seem to understand that our worlds are  connected. It is not only to support homosexuals and and trans people that we demonstrate against Russia’s hate laws but to protect our own future.

Sadly it is human nature that someone will always be queer, someone will always be unacceptable to ‘straight middleclass society’. In the 1960’s straight meant narrow minded, not necessarily heterosexual . Jack Smith divided people into two groups Flaming Creatures and Pasty Normals. It is not 1962 and even then there were many enemies of tolerance for all who were homosexual and excluded many others that didn’t fit in to their narrow margin of acceptability. There would have been no Gay Liberation movement without the support of our heterosexual friends who marched in public for gay rights when gay people could not march publicly for fear of being fired from their jobs or thrown out of their lodging. There were laws against being homosexual in NY then and if you were caught out as homosexual , arrested in a gay club, or while cruising, your name and where you lived and worked would be published in all the NY Daily Papers and you would lose your job and possibly your apartment. There are probably still laws on the books for sodomy in certain states but in  most urban and suburban centers of America, Gay people have been lulled into a certain complacency, thru TV shows like Will & Grace, Drag Race and the Marriage Spectacle during The Oscars..feeling that more and more across America Gay people are now just people, good and bad like anyone else. Some people  use sexual identity  as a calling card for a number of self serving reasons that have nothing to do with anything but manipulation. Gay Artist, Gay Comedian, Gay singer-songwriter, which is more of a nod to marketing than it is a call to freedom of expression. No one chooses their sexual orientation including heterosexuals and as amazing as it may seem, there are many, many people whose sexual orientation is hetero  but who not hetero-normative. As a Bi-Sexual Faghag for almost 50 years, I have seen first hand how much tolerance some homosexuals, gay or lesbian or self professed queer, have for those of us who do not fit into a card carrying homogenized group. It is a shit field out there and queer has never been queerer or MORE marginalized. Often it seem to me that the queerest  are heterosexuals  who are not hetero normative, who do not judge others on their sexual preference  but are punished, ridiculed and marginalized because of the accident of birth of not being gay. For real freedom for all that too must stop. You can’t have it two ways, you cannot be a special minority that denigrates others on the very basis of what you seek freedom for, sexual and or gender orientation. I was on the D train not long ago when a group of “Official Gay Activists ” with rainbow stickered brief cases got on the train. The train was crowded and they stood in the center of the train jovially arguing with each other about which celebrities were gay. Whether Jay Z was gay or Beyonce was a lesbian and they went thru a LITANY of celebrities… always calling out after each name..”I think he is gay”, “I think she is a lesbian”..seemingly unaware that the whole train was listening. I became more and more irritated.If this had been a group of heterosexuals there speech would have been interpreted as hate language . When my stop came I walked thru this group but  I stopped and turned and said “If we really believe in equality, if we really believe in human evolution, people  have to stop saying who is gay and who is not gay and maybe that needs  to begin with us.”

When I here people referred to as  ‘heterosexuals”  as in “I am so sick of  the heterosexual worlds agenda” it affects me the same as when i see signs that say  Kill The Faggots! When I hear people  refered to as “white People” as in  “I am so sick of white peoples agendas”  it affects me like when I hate mongers yell “Niggers!” There is a root of the same blanket hatred and judgement, that in the face of the growing grotesquery of life is getting harder and harder for me to take.