The Rise of PC Trolling Disguised as Activism

I am stunned by the increasing numbers of internets trolls the universities are churning out as they continue to couch both history and culture in an increasingly myopic and totalitarian politically correct straight jacket. These academics are not teaching people how to think but what to think. They are not preparing young people to participate in the real world. They are churning out populations who without any actual personal experience of the diversity of human nature and experience believe it is their calling to prey on and harass people who are doing real work in the world. They judge everything and everyone by race, age, ethnicity and gender, spouting and presenting themselves as the ultimate authorities. Criticizing harrassing and attacking people on social media IS NOT ACTIVISM! Meanwhile many sensitive souls are frightened into silence or commiseration fearing that they may become the target of the witch hunts. This is the real effect of CENSORSHIP – because Censorship only leads To SELF CENSORSHIP!

People! In the 1960’s thru 1980’s these kinds of behaviors would be suspected of being infiltration by right wing forces in order to sow destabilizing and disrupting energies against resistance movements. The witch hunts are increasing while the real white supremacists and haters are building their power bases. Coalition and cooperation with like minded people is what is needed to fight the fight that needs to be fought for liberty, true liberty. Freedom to speak, to express to inquire. The freedom to be a beginner, to learn with and from others.

A witch hunt is the opposite of a search for freedom. It is search for blame and there MUST be a victim: guilty or not.