Longing Lasts Longer LA

Sunday -
Freud Playhouse
Los Angeles

Eminent avantegardist , Penny Arcade, New York’s undisputed queen of the underground,is back in the USA after touring Europe and Australia with Longing Lasts Longer, “a rampage through opinions and themes garnered over four decades spent perched on society’s edge.”(The Australian) Blending her signature rock and roll Poet's Theatre with comedy of scorching candor, take no prisoners cultural critique and memoir fueled by live mixed soundtrack made up of the most emblemic pop music of the past 50 years, Arcade dissects gentrification, facebook, the power of authenticity and individuality while critiqueing the suburbanization of all our once urban centers,and how NYC has gone from being the Big Apple tothe Big Cupcake, the city that never sleeps into the city that can’t wake up. Longing Lasts Longer celebrates the individuality and authenticity that still draws eclectic, independent minded people, young and old to New York City and our other city centers.

“A meditation on gentrification [that] mixes social criticism and pop culture, history and humor to present the artist’s distinctive picture of New York’s past, present and future, against a musical backdrop.” – The New York Times

“a wake-up call to a younger generation” – The Australian