Longing Lasts Longer Oct 19 -Nov 9th

Sunday -
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Joe's Pub

Longing Lasts Longing
October 19, 20, November 2, 3, 9,10
Ticket Price: $20.00

Oct 19 & Nov 10
Doors at 6PM: Show at 7PM
Oct 20 & Nov 2, 3 & 9
Doors at 9PM; Show at 9:30PM

In Penny Arcade’s first Joe’s Pub residency, the queen of underground performance and her long-time collaborator Steve Zehentner, continue their development of Longing Lasts Longer, a rumination on love, longing and the loss of New York’s cultural identity.

In the post-gentrified landscape of “The Big Cupcake”, where ideas too have been gentrified, Longing Lasts Longer is set in a New York disappearing under the weight of suburbanization, cultural amnesia and the politically correct straightjacket of consensus.

An ode to the eternal seeker, Longing Lasts Longer is equal parts memoir, manifesto, cultural critique and Cri de Coeur where Penny Arcade conjures the authentic New York of legend, reconnects past to present, and waves the twin banners of cultural resistance and individual renaissance that New York has always symbolized.

Arcade has the rare ability to articulate ideas that are still forming in the collective psyche and her observations follow one another like snake bites, creating a nourishing euphoric rush of truth telling as visionary as it is inclusive and hilarious.

Embedded into this rollicking landscape, a live-mixed soundscape of music grooves ranging from Al Green to John Lennon, jump, counterpunch and exalt; charting an emotional pathway for the audience and a new anthem to personal happiness.

Driven by Penny Arcade’s magnetic rock and roll performance energy, Longing Lasts Longer constructs a space of possibility where one can think, laugh and dance at the same time!

Longing Lasts Longer
Designed and Directed by
Penny Arcade
Steve Zehentner

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