Tuesday -
9:30 PM
9:30PM at Joe's Pub
New York, NY

Penny Arcade: The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Joe's Pub at The Public Theatre
425 Lafayette Street
Ticket Price: $20.00

Feb 27 & Mar 6:
Doors at 7PM
Show at 7:30PM

Mar 13 & 20:
Doors at 9PM
Show at 9:30PM

Trigger Warning!
No Jargon, High Potency, High Satire, Original Thinking

Join international performance legend Penny Arcade and her longtime collaborator Steve Zehentner as they set up camp once more at Joe’s Pub for an evening of raucous, take no prisoners comedy and rock and roll political theater.

After three years touring Longing Lasts Longer, the last show they created at Joe’s Pub, Penny and Steve are back and ready to dive deep where few performers dare to tread in this frightening world of micro aggressions, political correctness and victimhood asking the question of our times: Who gets to speak and to whom?

In these improvised performances Penny mediates #metoo, rape culture, and the normalization of self-censorship with her trail blazing honesty.

“I couldn't afford the price of approval when I was young and approval has no value when you are old” - Penny Arcade Axiom #16

Nothing can really prepare you for a Penny Arcade performance. Watching Penny improvise live is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in the theatre as she dances the tightrope between Steve Zehentner’s live mixed, rock and roll soundscape and the audiences expectations.

Penny Arcade has never wavered or relaxed in her quest to entertain, challenge and expand both herself and her audience. Her rare ability to articulate ideas that are still forming in the collective psyche that have not yet emerged and been sanctioned by collective consciousness is a message of hope!

"Penny Arcade has got to be the smartest, most quotable party in town ! Audacious and irresistible! " –The London Times

"Penny Arcade combines the anarchy of Lenny Bruce with the pathos of Judy Garland. She is provocative, intellectually stimulating, perceptive and hilariously funny." –The List, UK