When Closeted People Censor

In 1990-1995 my sex and censorship show Bitch!Dyke!Faghag!Whore! was a backlash against the censorship we were experiencing during the Helms – NEA Culture Wars but it also spoke out against The PC Movement that had been rising in the Gay world since the mid seventies. B!D!F!W! was the queer, feminist,erotic dancer backlash and united thousands of people in 30 cities around the world, hiring strippers and performers in every city we played in and proved undeniably in the face of that JUDGEMENTAL PC world that one could be a FEMINIST and a stripper, a FEMINIST and a Prostitute a Feminist and ANYTHING you wanted to be or were including a MAN.We left a legacy in the world as well as a neo burlesque movement in every city we performed in.

We changed peoples minds because we created COALITION EVERYWHERE WE WENT, we were INCLUSIVE and regular, often heterosexual people were welcomed and included, people dared to come out at our shows and often brought their families and friends so they could experience solidarity. In Ireland we performed all over the country one year after homosexuality was decriminalized in 1994. I went on Ireland’s biggest TV show as an out, bisexual faghag, a 40 something year old women nude on stage for 20 minutes talking about AIDS, Feminism, politics, free speech, censorship,rape,violence, family and in Ireland today many people remember us as part of what created gay marriage 25 years later.

Here’s the real news people we are living in a time of GREATER CENSORSHIP than ever and the amount that is coming from the the Right Wing is miniscule compared to what is coming from the so called left, from so called queers and so called social justice activists. Black Civil Liberties did not happen because only Black people worked for them and neither did Gay Rights happen because only Gay people worked for them.If we continue this hopeless, holier than thou witch hunting of people who question and speak out from different perspectives we are playing into the very hands of those who seek to suppress rights for minorities.